Launching “Drafts”

When I tell people I’m a writer, the most common thing I hear is, “I wish I wrote, but it’s so hard to start!” It is hard to start. But I think this will help:


I’m launching a newsletter.

?Drafts” will send you a funny, encouraging, 5-minute writing prompt every Sunday morning. You’ll write directly into the email so it saves in your Drafts folder (see what I did there?); or you can send it to me, so I can tell you how good the writing is and confirm that your mother *does* love you the most (and everyone knows) — but she just can’t say that sort of thing out loud.

Writing/journaling/getting-your-thoughts-down can be tough. But it feels SO GOOD and I think we can take some of the screaming out of it. I’m excited to do this together!

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