Vox: Halloween costumes are about dressing as someone else. I decided to go as my own fears instead.

Do you ever get tired of yourself? As an adult, it’s easy to become disenchanted with our lives. We built them through decades of work, compromise, setbacks, and serendipity. They are our making. But even if we like them, it’s easy to sometimes want out. Every Halloween, we have the opportunity to take a break […]

Food and Wine Magazine: 3 Ways to Feel Better About Valentine’s Day While You’re Alone on Your Computer

On Valentine’s Day in 2012, I had just published a blog post about eating a cake all by myself. I logged onto Twitter to promote it and saw a Tweet about an insane wait at Red Lobster — around two hours. I was intrigued. I opened a bottle of wine and started researching what people on dates were tweeting about. The […]

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Interview, The New New Thing | I talked about all the writing jobs I’ve had and how it felt to go viral

It’s hard to pin a label on Joe Wadlington. Born in Appalachian Tennessee, educated in Indiana, and building a solid career in San Francisco, Joe’s had more tech writing jobs than some folks have pairs of shoes. (Though, he also has a lot of shoes.) Currently, he’s kind of a big deal on (and at) Twitter, […]