Upcoming performances

7pm, Oasis, SF
(This is a full length Harry Potter satire play! With 15 drag performers, just as many numbers, and I am playing Aunt Petunia AND Professor Quirrell. That’s right — I’m a DOUBLE VILLAIN)
7pm, Oasis, SF
7pm, Oasis, SF
7pm, Oasis, SF
7pm, Oasis, SF
7pm, Oasis, SF
8pm, Port Bar, Oakland
10:30, The Edge, SF
7pm, Oasis, SF
November 30th, Closing Night, Harry Poofer and the Sorcerer’s Rhinestone (Drag)
7pm, Oasis, SF
December 2nd, The Racket: Holiday (Writing)
 7pm, Alley Cat Books, SF
December 10th, Happy Endings: Room for Dessert (Writing)
7:30pm, Make Out Room, SF
7pm, Make Out Room, SF

Past readings and literary contests: 

Joe has won:

Write Club SF, October 2014

Write Club SF, February 2015

Write Club SF, April 2015

Shipwreck – Atlas Shrugged

Shipwreck – Twilight

Shipwreck – Jaws

Shipwreck – Frankenstein

Shipwreck – Great Expectations

Shipwreck – Harry Potter

Porch Light People, January 2015

Tennessee Storytelling State Championships 2006 & 2007

Joe has read at:

San Francisco LitCrawl (Rumpus 2015, “How to Form a Writing Group” 2016, The Racket 2018)

Quiet Lightning

Tourettes Without Regrets

California College of the Arts

You Get A Spoon

Literary POP!

OUTLOUD Storytelling

Litseen’s The Write Stuff

Funny, Sexy, Sad

The Gay Ancestors Project, 2015

SF Literary Speakeasy

Oakland’s New Shit Show

Give Me Fiction

How Ghosts Travel, book launch

San Francisco Queer Open Mic

The Racket:
#3 Food, #6 Drugz, #8 The Body, #12 Borders, LitCrawl Edition,